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Age 16 to 18

Idaho State Law allows the tattooing of minors with a consenting parent or legal guardian present at the time of tattooing. Our shop policy requires clients to be at least 16. Exceptions can be made for clients 15 years of age depending on circumstances - please contact us below with any inquiries. 

For more information regarding Idaho law and tattooing minors, click the link above.

• Minor must have 1) a state approved photo ID that displays birthdate

    OR 2) an alternative photo ID AND birth certificate

•Parent or Legal Guardian must have a valid photo ID and legal paperwork to validate identification if last names do not match

• A thumbprint of minor and adult will be taken at time of tattooing

as well as copies of all IDs and documents

• A consultation in person or via Video Call is REQUIRED prior to the tattooing appointment

• A DEPOSIT (non-refundable) is REQUIRED for any appointment to be scheduled

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